Trains and Lovers


Just finished ‘Trains and Lovers’ by Alexander McCall Smith.

Lovely stuff. I particularly enjoyed the story of a man suspecting his girlfriend of being a murderer. Who hasn’t let their imagination run away with them after watching something a bit murderous on TV? There is a close call when the girlfriends hand hovers over the knife block. My Mum won’t allow a knife block in her home. She says it’s an “invitation”.

The story is told by four characters. They find themselves on the train together and share their “love lives”. (Sorry to use that phrase. There’s something quite vomitous about it.) I love how they hardly give any reasons why they fall in love. Love just seems to appear. You could analyse their motivations I suppose. But it really is as if the idea had somehow been put in their mind. For no good reason they think – this is the person for them!

My favourite love story was of the couple who lived for many years in remote Australia.

The daughter tells their story.

“I loved them very much, you see, my father and my mother, who didn’t ever get anywhere very much or achieve great things. Other than a well kept station and some flowers in the desert. Is that enough? I like to think that it is.”


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