Can you do a road trip without McDonalds?

Lately I’ve been trying to wean myself completely off Maccas. I only ever eat it every couple of months but when I do I still images (2)love it.

Maccas for me has so many happy memories. It’s that feeling when you go in the drive through, that first hot chip and the rattle of the ice in your cup.

As a Mum I want to put something better in my daughters mouth. Because let’s be honest – the whole meal seems a bit like plastic covered in salt and fat. How can I give that to my daughter to taste?

One of the main times I fall for the golden arches is on a road trip. So this Easter and school holidays – as I make several long journeys across NSW – I’m going to challenge myself to look away.

Any suggestions would be helpful! What can I pack that will last the distance, be filing and extremely tasty? I don’t want to change my mind at the last minute and pull off the highway…


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  1. Steph
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 11:31:01

    Best road trip food I ever had was on our honeymoon when we drove from Madrid to Barcelona and my Aunt made us a Spanish Tortilla to take with us. It can be eaten hot or cold. Yum!


  2. Adrian
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 22:57:50

    I suggest pack an Esky with cold packs and have a full assortment of salads, drinks and nibbles. On our road trip to Adelaide we purchased some tabbouleh, wrap bread and fruit. When you go to a major town with a supermarket buy a bbq chickenor cold sliced meats and make wraps. It really doesn’t take that much longer and you will feel 100% better for it. (Will be cheaper also)


  3. Meaghan
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 13:04:13

    Make it a date, pack a picnic, find a good park on route, and then next time you take that route try a different park… review your route, and find the unbeaten track, or that town that was bypassed years ago… you can do it for morning & afternoon tea, maybe find some nice teahouses… you’ll find yourself looking for that beautiful park and forget the golden arches? I agree with Adrian, stopping at a supermarket isn’t much harder and sometimes the treats are on sale!


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