Excuse me Miss – I have a question


One of the best things about being a teacher is being around teenagers. Don’t ever believe anyone who says all teenagers are selfish and difficult. They have big hearts, are great fun and minds that are bursting with curiosity about the world.

At the end of a days teaching, they have always inspired so many questions in mind.

Here’s just a few from the last week.

1.      Is mental anguish greater than any physical pain you could feel?

2.      Why do girls have higher voices than men? 

3.      Why didn’t the Friar from Romeo and Juliet make sure Romeo received the note that she was only pretending to be dead?!

4.      Does every girl end up marrying someone like their father?

5.      How do we care about our results but not care too much?

6.      Why is Shakespeare so depressing?

7.      Why is theatre often about death?

8.      Is the “everyman” concept used in movies today?

9.      When did Orson Welles die?

10.   What is tofu made from?


Do you know the answers?


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