Are movies too beautiful?


Breakfast at Tiffany’s  – what’s that film about? My cousin summed if up for me last week by saying it’s about consumerism. Whilst it’s a critique on superficiality, one of the main reasons we celebrate that film is for its fashion and style.

That’s the trouble with films, they tend glamorize the very thing they intended to critique.

Take for example The Devil Wears Prada. I’m just finishing the book and it leaves me in no doubt that the fashion world can be outrageously superficial. It emphasizes  that Miranda Priestly is feared and adored out of all proportion to any merit she might possess.

In contrast, the film bows reverently to fashion. The heroine Andrea, is taught a lesson for not “respecting” the fashion world. She looks foolish and ignorant and for that reason decides she needs a make-over.  In the novel, Andrea slowly decides to make over herself because  of the bullying and snide comments she receives at work.

The fuss around The Great Gatsby movie, similarly shows the power of film to completely gloss over the more serious messages contained within a story. Will we walk away from that film wondering how the rich can be so thoughtless and careless with the lives of others? Will we see the tragedy of Gatsby’s dream?

Or will we be thinking about the fur, the sequins and flapper style fashion we wouldn’t mind incorporating into our wardrobe?

I must apoligise for the negativity of this post! Are there any films out there, that critique superficiality without being a total sell out? I honestly can’t think of any.


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