How to be Healthy and Happy at 89


Recently I asked my 89 year old Grandfather to summarise for me how to be happy and healthy.   He emailed me his answer, which I found quite impressive. Anyone who has met my Grandfather John McAuley seems to remember him. Despite his age he is still busy, generous and very kind. He takes an interest in politics, literature, lawn bowling, acting and magic tricks. Last year he took cooking lessons. He loves his three children, nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Here is what he wrote.

Do’s and Don’ts of Being Happy

Do be grateful, optimistic, have kind thoughts, trust Providence, be hopeful, forgive, return good for evil, be positive, practice patience, be mature, enjoy beauty, pray for trust, control your tongue, turn to virtue and be determined!

Don’t complain, be pessimistic, judge harshly, worry, be discouraged, be bitter, hate, be negative, be petty, be gloomy, gossip, be jealous.  Give up sin and give up “giving up”.

Best of British Luck!


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