Happy Birthday to my best girl Eloise! She was showered with gifts. I’m slightly smug, and amazed, that her favourite presents were the books. She prefers to read them herself and will spend ages looking through them. I wonder what stories she is imagining…




 Friday Poetry: Birthday Poem

liz and milleLast Friday, due to a combination of technical problems, I missed putting up a poem on Friday. Instead, I found myself in a Apple store for the first time in my life. The girl in a blue t shirt told me I had to make an appointment.

“You need to make an appointment to speak to a Genius,” she said. “It’s like going to see the Doctor.”

This week is the birthday of my sister Liz and my cousin Mille. So here is a poem for their birthday; it’s not a friendship poem  or a birthday poem but a poem to help them to a happier day. I owe these girls big time – they always put me in a better mood.


Julie O’Sullivan

Dogs don’t worry.

They sleep,

and yawn

and eat,

and scratch,

and slowly fry on warm verandahs, and


at flies (in moments of great exertion)

and slowly open sleepy eyes

to gaze at men; who worry

and look at dogs

and mutter,

“Dumb animals!”