Cooking with Footballers and Saints

From Footy Flavours  to Cooking with the Saints, Stephanie Alexander, Donna Hay, Bill Granger, and every type of specialty cookbook, my shelves are getting pretty full with recipes I’ve rarely used.  I have more than 30 cook books on my shelf. I suppose it’s become a good present for a girl who loves and is obsessed with food and cooking.


My favourite food writer by far is Nigella Lawson.  She may look gorgeous on screen, but I think it’s the way she writes about food which has really sustained her success. She understands her reader – she knows the short cuts we are going to make – and she gives us so many more. Nigella even warns you which recipes to only attempt when you have time and patience.  Her food is delicious and often very unfashionable. What other cook would give you a recipe for an absolutely perfect fried mozzarella sandwich?

Nigella often ponders on her love of food – a sentiment I can absolutely relate to.

Despite this love of food, I’m actually quite a cook novice. I realise I’m only at the beginning of my journey to become a half decent cook.  I’ve never tried the tricky stuff like homemade pasta or pastry. I’ve never made my own ravioli  cooked with tofu or tried my hand at lobster. There are so many untried ingredients waiting to be used.

I have no problem using an e reader – but I still think recipes look better on page. There is something so timeless about them – I dream of passing my annotated cook books on to my daughter. I love the pages that have stuck together because you have been making chocolate brownies over and over. So the next couple of months I’m going to try and justify the space my beautiful cooks are taking up.

Starting with Stephanie Alexander  – I discovered one of her beautiful book on a volcanic island in Vanuatu. But that’s a story for another post…