Friday Poetry: The Call

file0001783491009My husband shared this poem with me which he had read on The Art of Manliness.  I must admit to being a closet fan of that blog and wishing there was something similar for women.

I think everyone has a different call and we all “face the crashin’ lightnin'” in different ways. Having a baby was certainly one way I had to face up to nature. As I was giving birth, I felt I was facing up to life.

The poem describes some occupations as “dyin’ in yer pod.” As a teacher I’ve been so lucky to never has this feeling of boredom. Well, that’s not entirely true. Exam supervision is pretty soul destroying. Every teacher would agree that teaching is an exciting and varied job, with no one day like the next. Every day can be inspirational, challenging, exhausting and hilarious.

Thanks to one of my bossy friends, I’ve actually done white water rafting (I thanked her later for being so pushy). It was very out of character for me, but I absolutely loved it. However facing thirty two kids, in a packed Year 10 classroom, can be every bit as exhilarating as going down the “rippin’ plungin’ rapids”.

The Call
By: Earl H. Emmons

Did you ever have a longin’ to get out and buck the trail,
And to face the crashin’ lightnin’ and the thunder and the gale?
Not for no partic’lar reason but to give the world the laugh,
And to show the roarin’ elyments you still can stand the gaff.

Don’t you ever feel a yearnin’ just to try your luck again
Down the rippin’ plungin’ rapids with a bunch of reg’lar men?
Don’t you ever sorta hanker for a rough and risky trip,
Just to prove you’re still a livin’ and you haven’t lost your grip?

Can’t you hear the woods a-callin’ for to have another try
Sleepin’ out beneath the spruces with a roof of moonlit sky,
With the wind a sorta singin’ through the branches overhead
And your fire a gaily crackin’ and your pipe a-glowin’ red?

Don’t you often get to feelin’ sorta cramped and useless there,
Makin’ figgers and a-shinin’ your pants upon a chair?
Don’t you yearn to get acquainted once again with Life and God?
If you don’t, then Heaven help you, for you’re a dyin’ in yer pod.


Three reasons to be grateful

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you have too much to do? This is my week. Pressed for time, I even resorted to getting a coffee from the drive through at McDonalds. A new low I felt. However life’s not too bad; here are some good things happening.

1. Soup: this months Donna Hay magazine has some truly delicious soups to try. My favourite so far has been the pea and ham; the bright green soup puts me in a better mood. The recipe calls for sour dough bread crumbs to be sprinkled on top – this is an inspired detail!

2. Inspector George Gently: I’ve recently rediscovered this TV show and am loving it. It’s brilliantly written and you’ll laugh and possibly cry with each episode. I also like feeling I’ve just had a history lesson on 60’s social issues with murder solved. Haven’t had much time but there is a long weekend coming up…

3. Jane Austen: my drama students are performing some scenes from Austen and their enthusiasm is awesome. At first they absolutely HATED Mr Darcy when he snobbed Lizzy. Then they LOVED him when he told her how much he “ardently admired and loved her.” It’s so wonderful for them to be 17 and truly discovering Austen for the first time. I’m grateful to be part of that.

So chin up. Life’s still pretty good.