Country Living

Moving for three months to the country seemed a perfect opportunity to blog. However this country experience seemed determined to challenge me at every turn.

My main problem was we had no electricity for quite a while.  The electricity company decided they couldn’t turn on the electricity, they just didn’t seem to be bothered. So we were living with candles and cold water. At night, while my husband was at work, I would sit reading my e-reader by candlelight.

Eventually a friendly electrician took pity on us and we had light.  It was blissful turning on every light in the house and making myself a cup of tea.

This town has a population of 1500.  When I first arrived I looked around in a slight panic. Where were all the people? Was there some event on for the day that had drawn them away? Why were the shops so quiet? Surely 10am should be  a busy time, but even then it seemed like a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I’m finally understanding what it’s like to live in a quiet town. There are no traffic lights, no traffic and no rush. One local shop has a sale on for horse saddles!

It isn’t the quiet or the slow pace that I find difficult. To be honest I love pottering around my little home. Also this town is surrounded by beauty; towering pine trees, creeks, lakes and rolling mountains.

I’ve loved picking fresh blueberries and raspberries and eating them on porridge. I love hanging the washing on the line and finding it dry and smelling sun kissed in half an hour. I love finding mint and rhubarb growing in the garden.

Most of all I love watching my toddler play in a garden. Why did I think I so desperately needed ABCKids to keep her entertained? Here she chases our adopted Labrador, picks the heads off flowers and sits outside to poke at her feet with a blade of grass. All this keeps her blissfully happy. She especially loves the dog, and  sometimes will just laugh for pure joy when she sees her.

I still miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss going out for coffee and rushing here and there. I miss the rush, the traffic and the excitement of Sydney over summer. All this is true. But all that is waiting for me when I come home. For now I’m living in the country.


To blog or not to blog…


My poor blog has been neglected for far too long. I’ve blamed it on all sorts of things.

It could be my that my baby has morphed into a toddler.  Or perhaps it’s the onslaught of school work I need to get through at the moment. I’ve even blamed it on James Herriot. I’ve found that a comforting chapter of his novels sends me off very nicely to sleep every night. Not that they are boring. It’s just that they are warm, cosy, funny and there is no real overarching plot to keep me reading too long.

However, the most truthful answer is I’d reached blog overload. There are so many voices out there on the net. So much chatting, criticising, pondering, gossiping, boasting, sharing and commenting.

Some voices I love. You can stumble across some truly wise and witty writing.

Some make me despair of human intelligence. Some voices make me long for silence.

Despite my fleeting retreat, I’m going to launch my voice again into the great babble. I started this blog because every English teacher should – in theory – write. I want my students to write so I have to set an example.

I also started this blog to write about the things I love;  books, food, movies and family.

Am I a mummy blogger? I love being a mum but my interests, I hope, spread  beyond the realm of nappies.

I want to join the voices of mums who are forging a unique way into motherhood. Mums who are open to life, whether its convenient or not. I’m no “boutique” Mum. I’m joining the Mums who take on the joys and sufferings of having children with their  hearts ready to have their life turned upside down.

And for this reason I’m still going to blog.