How should you drink coffee? The great, the glorious and the risks you should never take.


Life is too short not to drink many glorious cups of coffee.
But how should you sip on a steaming, frothy cappuccino?

On the go
Nothing makes you feel quite as productive as striding along with a coffee. Even if you are running late for work a coffee sets the tone for a confident day.
Saturday morning
This needs to be timed perfectly with the sun still in that twinkly state without giving off any serious heat. The weekend stretches before you and life is sweet.
With a friend
There is nothing better than ordering coffee and sitting down with an old friend. You look forward to a good hour of easy, comforting conversation.
With a cake
In this age of sugar-free, dairy free, taste free diets, I sometimes like to be quite counter cultural. I order a full cream flat white and a big slice of cheesecake. I’m never fooled into sharing – I want every delicious piece.
While reading a book where people drink a lot of coffee
In Henning Mankells series, Wallander is always drinking coffee. I often have a sympathy coffee while reading his novels. You need something dark and strong to help you stay up late.

There are some very risky places to drink coffee.
On the go
Slip of the hand and confident strides turn to public humiliation. You find yourself mopping hot milk from down your front.
On a date
I never enjoyed coffee on a date. I was too distracted, too conscious of getting chocolate on my nose, too worried that by ordering a mocha I made myself look immature.
At the snow
Hot chocolate with marshmallows are always better at the snow. You need something warm, sweet and slightly childish to keep your spirits up.

Greatest coffee moment of all
Special mention must go to the Second Coffee. My Dad introduced me to this one. We had a coffee together and then – I couldn’t believe it – he ordered another. So indulgent! So wonderful!