What will I read?


How do you find a good book?

You could choose a “classic”. They come with the recommendation of having lasted a few years . Of course the one doing the recommending might seem to you like a fussy old man. He might tell you they are good for you and throw words around like “intellectual” and “monumental”. All this could be a bit off putting. But dive in. Reading a good classic can make you feel giddy. It’s wonderful.

You could also read on the recommendation of your friends. If you like your friend, chances are you will like the book. Of course this is not the always the case. I’ve had some awkward times when a friend has recommended something that I truly disliked. I could never tell her. It would be like saying I didn’t like the way she dressed. I could see she loved the book. So I just returned the novel and made a few vague comments about the interesting plot. (In case you’re wondering, it was one of those books that tell the story of a female biblical character from a feminist perspective.)

Some readers stick with one topic for years. It’s like a rugby team. They only read books about cars, mountain climbing, fishing, philosophy, religion or movies. This is the most effective way to be very knowledgeable on one subject. It is also an effective way of becoming a complete bore. These readers tend to be looking in every conversation for an opening on their topic.

“You mentioned you visited France? I just read a book on the French Revolution. Let me tell a little about it…”

Although slightly boring, I like these readers. They are perpetual scholars and they have the courage to be individual and unique in their passions.

Another strange reader is the one who reads just because they can. They read very quickly whatever their hand comes across. Once done, they can hardly remember the plot, characters or issues in the novel. I believe these people should give up reading entirely. They only read for bragging rights.

Some are fashionable readers. They read what the lefty latte drinkers are reading. They might read something popular for a laugh. But mostly what they read is horribly boring.

Some people read the trash. They read the Target bestsellers. No comment.

Some people don’t read. Perhaps they don’t like it. Perhaps they had a horrible English teacher who made them read Shakespeare out loud in front of the class. Perhaps they once read, however reality TV slowly lured them away. Once they are over 18 these non-readers are usually left alone. After all, reading, like food, is its own reward.

One thing’s for sure – it’s a lovely moment when you finish a book and think to yourself, what will I read next?